I need an awesome brownie recipe.

Apparently I’m slightly allergic to Betty Crocker’s brownies (you know, the ones in the red box).
My guess is either preservatives or red dye.
Yes, they freakin put red dye in chocolate stuff.    Bastards.

At least I have some fresh strawberries to cut up and chocolate chips I can melt for later that I’m not allergic to.  Strawberries are like baby crack around here, second to none but grapes.


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  1. i love brownies more than any food int his world. it’s not good to me though.I never have liked strawberries or grapes much.not that you really needed to know any of this bu I didn’t realize my comment was going to be so boring when I started it. I’ll do better next time, promise 😉

  2. have you ever scooped out the middle of strawberries and filled them with cream cheese?  that’s grown-up crack 🙂 and i bet they’d be really good if you then dipped them in chocolate!

  3. The last time I made brownies from scratch, I used the recipe on the side of a box of Toll House baking chocolate, the unsweetened kind. I think there are also recipes for brownies on Hershey’s site, and of course you can always check AllRecipes.com.I LOVE those Betty Crocker brownie mixes, that’s a bummer that you’re allergic.

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