Today’s going to be interesting.

I’ve got a chest cold, which is oh so fun with my asthma.  Coughing up phlegm is fun with a sore, raw throat, too. 

But. What started today off with a bang.  I go in to the little one’s “room” because I heard him happily talking to himself and playing.
What do I see but a naked little butt with a shirt on.
He’d managed to take off his pants.
And his diaper.
Did I mention the poop?  No?
Well, there was a tiny little turd still in the playpen.  Usually he poops more than that, but I didn’t think about that yet.  I went and got him on the changing table and in a new diaper.  Then I realize he smeared a little poop in his hair.  Thinking this is still salvageable, I go attempt to wash his hands.  Then he still smells a bit like poop.  He and his big brother are currently in the shower while I mix up pancakes.

Then I pull all the blankets and clothes from his bed.  Get down to the washer, and guess what I find?  The rest of the poop in the leg of his pants.    Good thing I stuck him in the shower I suppose.  Oh my.  Where’s my codeine laced cough syrup when I need it?


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