Psychedelic bath time.  Snag some glow sticks (or bracelets!) from the dollar store.  Crack and throw in tub with kiddos.  Turn light off.  Fun ensues.  The older one especially likes it when I leave one bracelet unbent – he “fishes” for the bracelets in the water.  Too cute.

Baby basils!

My first tomato!  I may actually be able to do this! 

Yes, that’s my heating pad under there.  Yes, that’s my probe thermometer I use for the turkey (yes, it’s washed).  Same thermometer Alton Brown uses, too.  If only he could see me now… 

Little marigolds!

On the left is our purply/gray lemon thyme, those grassy-looking things in the blocks on the right are our chives that survived the winter.  Who knew.

I’m sore.  I hand tilled this today.  My arms hurt.  My legs will hurt by tomorrow because I was weeding (and kneeling down) with the little guy in the mei tai.  That only lasted 30 minutes.  But man, what a workout.  Plotted out a few of the spots for tomatoes (hence the cages out again).  The green stuff on the right is strawberries.  Sort of.  They shall be finding a new home (by that tan canopy thingie) in the next week or two.

What’s this you ask?  My baby greenhouse, of course!  I had tomato cages there, but then decided hey, I’m not planting tomatoes for another 5-6 weeks at the soonest, let’s have some fun!  So I planted 3 different kinds of lettuce (that are supposed to grow in 40some days).  We’ll see what happens.  I’m hoping the baby greenhouse helps them along though. 


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  1. the glow sticks in the tub are awesome.  i would have LOVED that when i was little, i always loved baths.  i still do 🙂  in fact i just bought some huggies baby stuff to use in the bath. 
    i have one of those polder probe thermometers too.  your little seedlings look good.  don’t you love seeing stuff grow?  i have some sunflowers started and some lily bulbs.

  2. That bath idea is a stroke of genius!  We’re so doing that.
    The garden is looking good!  It’s so cute when it’s a baby. 

  3. Hand tilling? Oh man, I think I would die before I did such things. But we live on such rocky ground that it would be back (and tool) breaking insanity.  And I can’t believe I haven’t planted anything yet. I’m still battling the root box critter and then yesterday I took all the nasty straw and old chicken poop from the coup and dumped it in one of the two 25×50 ft gardens and tilled all that down so it would compost some what. I was going to put it in the compost but it took 20 wheel barrels to get through that mess, so it was just better to dump directly. But that means no planting for at least another week on that side. That’s my garden update.
    That baby basil is so cute. Mmmmmmmmm I foresee future yumminess coming from those little suckers.

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