Woke up today to discover about 13 little tomato sprouts!  Yay!  No peppers yet though.  Eh, they’ve got another week or two before I start freaking out.

ETA: And a little tomatillo sprout!  Whoo-hoo!!

Legs are also killing me.  Arms and chest are sore (i.e. those wonderful muscles under the boobs).  But it makes sense.  If you did 30+ minutes of squats and lunges at the gym, well, yeah.  Going up *and* down stairs, especially with a kiddo or two in tow is a little brutal.  It’ll go away in a few days though.

And yeah, I kinda planted a bunch of basil.  I figure there’s no such thing as too much fresh basil, right?  I’m guessing we *might* have around a dozen basil plants, probably more.  I’ve got two or three varieties. 

The hand tilling… Well, I haven’t gotten to the part that’s overgrown with one to two-year-old weeks.  That part scares me.  Last year’s tomato patch didn’t have a whole lot in it except some weeds (including the weed from hell – literally, the roots probably go down that far), so I just did a bunch of digging and evening out of the soil.

Elven – stick a tarp or something on top of your beds – it’ll help the dirt/compost heat up quicker and break stuff down lots quicker, and possibly cook out any weeds. 

I probably should be concerned that the big one is out in the lawn.  Digging up grass.  But really, I don’t care.  He’s not digging up strawberries (yes, he has), and really, our lawn’s a bit sad looking anyway.  Oh, nevermind.  He was actually digging in a patch of dirt under one of the trees.  I think we left leaves on that spot too long last year, and killed the grass.  Again, I don’t care.  I’m much more concerned with the garden than the grass. 


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  1. No, you can’t have too much basil. I planted a wine barrel’s worth, still waiting for the sprouts to come up đŸ™‚ Fresh basil and tomatoes are the flavors of summer, IMO.

  2. I had a big duh moment. I have heavy black plastic everywhere I don’t want post tilling weeds coming up, why did it not come to me to cover that garden. Geesh, duh me.
    Now to see if I have anything that will cover that sucker. I’m to cheap to buy more.
    thanks for kick starting my noggin.

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