I forget whether I’ve mentioned this here, but our local grocery store rocks.  They have these stupid 12-hour sales (so I have to plan my week around it).  Which aren’t really stupid, other than it’s only 8am-8pm, and guess what I’m typically doing during that time frame?

So anyway, today’s score…

16oz cottage cheese
6 Yoplait yogurts (yes, I’m a picky snob, that’s the only one I’ll eat – at least they were on sale today)
3.35 lb cantaloupe
1.5 lbs broccoli
2 brownie mixes (hey, there was a coupon)
2.5 lbs red grapes
1.34 lbs black grapes
1 bunch green onions
1 small zucchini
2.5 lbs asparagus
3.5 lbs bananas
4 lbs of peeled/washed/organic baby carrots
2.8 lbs apples

And the grand total?  A whopping $21.51 (before tax it was $20.29 – everything’s taxed here).
I’d say that’s for the week, but when dh comes home I’m going to send him out for some beef for Broccoli Beef on Saturday (he’s the beef expert, I just tune out the different cuts and such).  Only drawback to this much produce?  Lots more pooping action in this poor house.  Eh, there’s worse things I suppose.
Big one’s already working on the “toddler crack,” aka grapes.


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