I feel like shit.  House looks like shit.  Ugh.

Woke up this morning to two plugged up nostrils and that fun dry mouth from breathing through it all night.  Shortly discovered that I was leaning a little to the left while walking.  My thoughts were a) I’m drunk, b) my balance is off for some reason or c) I have an ear infection.  Well, it’s certainly not the first one.  Then for most of the day, I’ve been dizzy, complete with rooms spinning and everything.  Was going to run some errands, but don’t trust myself driving right now.  Plus then there’s the whole feeling like shit thing.  And the kids won’t. stop. screeching.  I swear, that’s the only way the 3.5yo wants to communicate now – by screaming and screeching.  I’d love nothing more than to throw a brick at him today.  I won’t, but I sure am tempted.  Mostly because it would shut him up.

And the kicker?  It’s a beautiful, sunny, almost 60 degree day outside.  And I got back into my pajamas after a shower.  It would be a beautiful day to work out in the garden.  I’m almost wondering if I’m allergic to that weed from hell or if it was poisonous or something.  Ugh. 

Anyone wanna come over and bake me some brownies and do 3 days worth of dirty dishes? 

ETA:   But I *do* have little marigold and feverfew sprouts!  Yippee!  Now lets just hope I didn’t fry some of the pepper seeds – some of the soil got up to 90 degrees (they supposedly like soil around 80some degrees – currently at 82).


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  1. Aw, I’m sorry you’re feeling so poorly……..if it weren’t for my two bickering children….which goes oh so well with screaming and screeching……..I’d offer to take a little detour tomorrow and wash up your dishes!

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