So, yeah, I’m a little bored with dh gone because I can’t yap my head off while he’s ignoring me (in a good way though).  Not a whole lot of super-stimulating conversations happening with kids who are still in diapers and can’t wash dishes yet.

We went down to our little garden folks again.  They’re so nice.  I like them.  And they’re less than half a mile away (technically maybe 3-4 city blocks, if that)
Clockwise we got… Russet Burbank seed potatoes, Red Pontiac seed potatoes, Walla Walla sweet onion sets (and holy cow are there a lot of them!) and red onion sets.  Baby onions is what they’re currently called in our house.  My grand total?  $3.38.  Gotta love that.

On the way back from the garden store, I caught the guy that lives in
that house with the giant red rototiller!  Talk about weird fate.  They
are, in fact, starting a garden out there.  However.  His rototiller
had died as well.   
He did the sound and everything for me, but I’m not a guy.  You could
make a sound for dh of what your car’s doing, and he’ll tell you what
to check.  Not me.  So anyway, I got the guy’s name and number to see
if maybe dh could fix it (inexpensively)and in return he’ll come till
or let us use it (he’d pay for parts if it’s not too bad).  We’ll see. 
It’d work out in our budget’s favor this way though. 

Had a skirmish with the weed that won’t die.  It’s an annoying, huge leafy thing.  And I think part of it’s roots are in an old railroad tie that’s on the side to show where the garden stops and the hill down to the fence begins.  I dug down at least 2 feet, and didn’t get the entire root of the damn thing.  Parts of it were bigger than a carrot.  So I laid down a bunch of newspaper on top of the roots that I’d found in my 2x2x2 foot hole, threw the de-weeded dirt back on it, and am hoping for the best.  Was an interesting use of an hour, thinking I was going to weed and ended up doing that.  Then I also pulled up all of last year’s dead tomato plants and stacked the cages so we’re ready to go there.

Stop reading now if bugs creep you out.  I’m dead serious.

I warned you.


Anybody know what kind of bug this is?

I have a not-so-good feeling about it, but don’t know if that feeling’s based in reality.  I found it all curled up in some dirt next to the strawberries.  But in good news, we have a lot of fat, happy earthworms.  Well, until I disturbed them today.  There were a few that were a good 3-4 inches long and almost as thick as my little finger.  And they were everywhere.  So our soil has got to be decent if we have that many worms.  It’s the little things (literally!). 

9 thoughts on “

  1. a larvae of some kind?
    if you have a nasty weed you and you cannot get the whole root out, you can try pouring a kettle of boling water right down the hole and it might kill the root (works some of the time and is harmless enough)

  2. wow, your seed potatoes and onion sets look good and healthy 🙂  we grew onions last year and they were beautiful until an out-of-nowhere freeze came through and killed them.

  3. Aw, it’s cute! I think that’s a Caterpillar. Me and my Mom found one of those just yesturday on the track of our sliding glass door. She said it was a caterpillar so it could be.

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