I love him, really I do.  We just frustrate each other sometimes.

Debating doing a little batch of parsley or just doing chives instead… We’d probably have more use for the chives, and to make things fun, two little bricks (you know, inside those little edger thingies?) of chives from last year popped up again this year.    Some lemon thyme also came back.  But I have no fish in the freezer, so I might need to find a chicken recipe to try the lemon thyme with.  And today it’s wet and rainy, so I don’t forsee us leaving the house or going out in the muddy garden.  Plus, just to make things interesting, I’ve got a cold that’s staying on one side of my sinuses (so only one nostril is plugged up) and the hubby’s out of town for the week.  Off to stick a heating pad and cooling rack under my peppers to see if I can speed germination up…

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