12 hours total.  10 hours of driving.  Dh totally rocks for doing the whole thing.  I took naps and was the snack distributor.
Big one did surprisingly well, but the little one, not so much.

Discovered JB’s Restaurant has an awesome Lava Cake.  Too bad they put red dye in it (I’m sensitive to preservatives and dye; my tongue swells a little depending on how much was actually in what I ate). 

The older one adores trains.  Had to see and point out every. single. train. along the way.  Which was nice for quelling those oh-so-fun toddler fits.

Discovered a bathroom that’s an underwater paradise.

Discovered that the older one’s afraid of a toilet brush disguised as a skull.

Discovered that Pocatello is actually a decent sized town.

Discovered I have absolutely no recollection of Idaho Falls as seen from the freeway.

Saw an honest-to-goodness ghost town in Montana from the freeway.  Maybe a half an hour south of Dillon, Montana.  Seriously, Clint Eastwood would have felt at home.  The whole place was abandoned.

Totally wanted to see the bordello in Wallace, but since the kids had been trapped in the car for hours already, well, not.  Plus I don’t think a brothel is exactly family fun until the boys are older.    Don’t worry, it’s just a brothel-turned-museum.  Was in business until 1988, too.  Gotta love where I live. 

There is no culinary diversity in Burley, Idaho.  We stayed at the (supposedly) best hotel, and the doors were on the outside (see, to me, hotel means nice, carpeted hallways to get to your room – motel means strap on your boots and coat to get to your room).  Seriously, don’t bother going.  It’s a town that hit it’s peak in the 60’s, and has gone downhill ever since.  It’s only redeeming qualities are that dh’s grandpa is down there and they had an awesome play structure at one park.  That’s it. 

However, there was one sight that was quite memorable.  In the Cenex bathroom on the outskirts of town.  Imagine a condom machine.  With three choices.
Choice #1 – Regular ribbed for her pleasure condoms.
Choice #2 – Rough Rider condoms, for both your pleasures.  (Complete with a photo of an ecstatic looking cleavage-baring woman, of course.)
Choice #3 – Glow in the dark condoms.  Place condom under light for 30 seconds.  Watch the condom glow, then grow and grow and grow.

At least I waited until I got to the car to burst into maniacal laughter.  It’s times like that that I kind of wish I had a cell phone camera.  But then I remember we’re cheap (among other things).

Moving on… learned dh’s grandpa was a potato farmer (southern Idaho, I guess it’s kind of a “duh” thing).  Also grew beans, but apparently the money was in potatoes.  He lived in an awesome stone-walled house, photos sometime in the near future.  Gave him a photo album of pictures of us and the kids – like 160 photos or so.  So dh and he flipped through… took him from the older one’s birth through a few weeks ago.  I think he liked it.  And I’m pretty sure he enjoyed us visiting.  Even if the older one wanted to go see the birdies instead and the younger one kept trying to hold himself up on his great-grandpa’s slippered feet.  And now I need to take care of some business and then do April’s menu plan.  It’s good to be home – especially with all our own rooms.  :happy

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  1. Cell phone with a camera was absoultly the best investment I have made electronicly in a long time. And I’m super cheap tightwad. It took a lot to get me to buy mine and I love it. I totally recomend one with MP3 capabilities too. With mine I’m not forced to d/l there tunes either, it has a memory stick, so I can load my tunes. I love love love love my phone.
    I’m glad that you all made it the 10 hr trip in one piece and back again. We’ve done long trips like that, and it’s actually easier when they’re little like you have.
    Go check out my chicks when you get a chance. šŸ˜‰

  2. LOL at the condom dispenser/tourist attraction!  That says a lot.  I’m glad you had a good time in spite of the accomodations. 

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