Clothes are washed and will be packed.
Diapers are washed, need to be folded and packed.  Need to do another quickie load tonight.
Dishes are done and dried, just need to do tonight’s dishes.
Library books are returned.
Grandpa’s photos, stickers, pen and photo album are packed, ready to go.
Car is cleaned out and ready to stuff tomorrow.
Lunches are halfway ready to go.
Snacks will be ready to go.
Hotel reservations are made printed out.
Directions to various places are printed out.
Need to remember my thermometer, mama cloth (yeah, I know, great timing, huh), and Sudafed.

What am I missing?

5 thoughts on “

  1. Don’t forget your sanity.  You might need it if you haven’t already lost it. 
    Have a safe and fun trip!

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