Yay!!!   We’re getting a drive-through Starbucks!!!!   You know how I’ve been longing for one in our nearish neighborhood?  With the closest one I have to drag the kiddos into (and don’t get me started on the wiggling while I’m trying to buckle and unbuckle them!) and pray the older one doesn’t decimate a ceramic mug display or shoplift a chocolate milk that I’m too cheap to buy him.

In other news, the kids are still trying to kill us.  Another 4 hour night of sleep, until my fantastic dh let me sleep a few extra hours.  And I think in a way to *really* drive home how nuts I currently am, guess what arrived in a fury at 4am complete with cramps?  Yeah.  Today’s been fun.  I have this whole list of stuff I need to get done this weekend before we drive off.  You know what I accomplished?  I took a shower and washed diapers, that’s it.

Oh, and 11.29 pounds of detergent?  Enough to last us – even with washing diapers every day/day and a half – 5.5mo.  So from now on I’ll get two boxes during November during their big turkey sale and we’ll be good for the year.

Impatiently waiting for a big package to arrive.  I’m way too excited about our new lunchboxes.  I probably need professional help.

I almost forgot.  I think I’ve solved the seed-growing thing!
There’s one wall in our pantry that dh didn’t have time (or a definitive plan from me) to finish.

So.  I was going to just have him do a shelf or two to stick the hard liquor that we keep around as decoration (because, really, I don’t think we’ve used much of it in the duration of our marriage to date).  But now….
Now I’m going to have him build a counter to go above (and sort of house) the little dorm fridge, then two shelves above it with room to hang two shoplights.  And voila!  A place to start seeds and then a place to store my gardening supplies!!  Yay!  Plus the heat from the water heater keeps it a bit warmer than the surrounding basement rooms, which is definitely good news for my tomato and pepper seeds.
Now we just need to get dh enough time off to do that because I need to start seeds the week after we get back from our trip.

Parting question… visiting dh’s grandpa next week.  Should I take the wedding photo album and the kids’ baby books to share with him?  I’m going to put together a little scrapbook of sorts (okay, photos stuck on pages with a few scribbles) for his grandpa to keep of photos of his only great-grandkids, but am debating trying to make room in the car for those extra things…

4 thoughts on “

  1. I’d try to make space for the albums if you think he’ll enjoy them. 
    Take a picture after you’ve set up the seed shelves, I’m curious as to how it’ll look all put together.  I’m so visual. 

  2. Yay for drive-through Starbucks!!!!!  We have, TWO in my usual radius…I’m never far away from my fix.

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