Turns out I made a decent little chunk at the consignment sale.  A bunch of maternity clothes I won’t wear again (because, dude, if I get knocked up again, I’m buying new clothes) and a bunch of kiddo clothes (but not the stuff I loved and am keeping just-in-case and possibly for my sister).  It was nice to see a check in the mailbox.

Another present in the mailbox was the catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Getting a few more fun-ish things this year like purple artichokes, purple tomatoes, feverfew, blue hyssop and a “black pineapple” tomato.  There’s also purple (pole) beans and such, but I need to leave *something* for next year.    How much of an enthusiastic garden junkie am I if I’m already planning next year’s seed purchases?    Of course this if before I try weeding all this with two little shadows…

There was something else I was going to type out, but my brain’s mush about now, so oh well.

OH!  Now I remember…  This morning we stopped by the donut shop, for, well, donuts.  Go figure.  We got our donuts, and sat down there to eat a few of them before going on to do a few errands.  There was an elderly/vintage/grandparent-type couple there enjoying their donuts.  We chat a little with ’em, and the gal was just enthralled with the boys (I had the little on in a pouch sling – I always get comments from ladies whenever I’m wearing the kiddos).  And then something about Gonzaga came on the tv there, and next thing we know, this cute little old lady is explaining to her husband/companion/whatever about how they chop up marijuana and bake it into brownies or cakes or whatever.      We so cracked up.  I mean really, how often do you get to witness that?  I don’t think she explained the munchies to him though… 

ETA again:
I think she was just explaining in general.  Two Gonzaga basketball players were caught with mushrooms and marijuana and I belive got booted off the team.  This is the first year in several that the Gonzaga boys were eliminated from the NCAA tournament in the first round.  Since GU was on the tv at the time, I bet her train of thought went from GU to the basketball players to the mj bust, etc.  It sure was funny though.

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  1. so was the lady explaining how SHE chops up in MJ for the brownies… or just that people do it? b/c that makes the story funny for a totally different reason! ;)I’m so jealous of your garden. mine will be small and mostly herbs this year. it’s better than no garden though!

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