Yes, I got my purple carrots.  No, I cannot plant them until… (checking my spreadsheet)… late April.  And they won’t be ready to harvest until… early July at the soonest.  I’m guessing our last frost will be just before Memorial Day, so I’m planning to do a bunch of garden stuff that long weekend.  Now…

Oh. My. God.

Do you know how pricey good windows are?  Holy crap.  Pella guy left a few minutes ago (after the 3.5yo tried to convince him to play legos with him).  Um, each window will be a minimum of $1000.  If we don’t get the room darkening blinds in the glass (to the tune of $1700).  They have a cheaper version with their own fun fiberglass, but we want wood casements.  So.  To redo all the windows and patio door in the house?  Easily $20,000, probably double with wood casements and blinds.  If dh installs it all himself. 

Damn.  We’re screwed.  Unless we win the lottery or a rich relative we don’t know about dies and gives us money.  I suppose they wouldn’t have to die, but I don’t see anyone willingly giving up that kind of cash while they’re still using it.

So, in summary.
I’m never getting a practical, remodeled kitchen.  We just can’t afford it.
I get to pop Sudafed for the rest of the time we live in this house because of a) the mold on the windows because they’re horrible windows, b) because of the damn shag carpeting, and c) because of the baseboards and furnace heating (which we never use, but still, I’m allergic to them).
A root cellar?  Hah.  It’ll be fun to dream I suppose.

Argh.  I’m going to go be pissed off at the world and eat my version of Bernie’s Baked Beans.

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  1. I have heard the horror stories of windows.have you considered making them yourself somehow. I was watching some kinda show today and this guy made his own windws. and yes it probably took him forever! but I’m just thinking about how creative you and your husband seemt o be and maybe you could look into for a window ro two that need it bad.then again you do have two small children and I doubt I could manage to have that much extra time. *shrug*one more suggestion – can you look around (feecycle? yardsales?) for old wood windows and somehow use those to cut costs? I’m not sure this woul work or not… but i see windows at yardsales prety often. as far as the carpeting, could you replace it with a really cheapo kind for 200$ or so form home depot type place. we did one small room for about 70$ and it’s shitty capret but atleast not shag and full of allergens. enjoy the beans!

  2. I’m so sorry about the kitchen.  That bites.  They are definitely a spend money to save money kind of thing. 
    No carrots for a couple of months, eh?  I’d have a spreadsheet, too.

  3. We had a guy come out and show us windows….I just wanted the 25$ gas card, lol!  Anyhow, our windows are 90 years old and we have 32, yes 32 windows….so yeah, about $32,000.  Crazy!  They did say we could do a couple at a time . 
    It’s hard when there’s so much to be done!  But at least you’ll have purple carrots!!!

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