Oh, I almost forgot.

I have never before seen that many cops in my life.  Wow.

ETA:  2 dozen cops (or more).  4-5 houses away.  Apparently there was a domestic dispute (dad and teenage boy from what I’ve heard?).  The dad ran off in his car.  Ramming a police car on the way (yeah, smart of him to piss off a cop).  Led them on a high speed chase to a little town about 45 miles away on the freeway.  Kids and I were on our way out of Starbucks I think when it all started going down because first 4 police cars came screaming by, then we saw a few more coming to/from all different directions.  I was freaked out thinking ‘oh my god, is my house on fire?’ but then after cruising back up the highway towards our house I saw a bunch of flashing lights near the post office.  Apparently the guy zig-zagged his way all throughout the neighborhoods on his way to the freeway, so that explains all the random police cars and such.  I’d guess part of the zig-zag was because our main drag that goes through our town’s “downtown*” is under all kinds of heinous construction.

Anyway, came back home that afternoon after a bunch of errands in a neighboring city.  Took a back way to get home.  And see half this street blocked off (local news station photo – dh has my camera in the next state over).

Ummm… I bike/walk down this street all. the. time.
We stayed inside or in our own backyard the rest of the day.

* * ETA: I thought I’d put this in, but apparently I didn’t.  See those two houses at the very end of the street?  Ours is behind the yellow-y one on the right.  Yeah. * *

* By “downtown” I mean the 7-11, donut shop, bike shop, Mexican restaurant, cheap/skeezy looking furniture shop, a local fast-food chain, that kind of thing.  We don’t have an actual, cute downtown. Or even sidewalks, really.  And don’t even get me started on bike paths…


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