Look out!  Random conciousness drivel…  Need to get it all out of my head so I can go be productive.  I’ve only talked to other adults for maybe 30 minutes total this week.  I think my brain’s shriveling up.

He calls pretzels “pins!”  Because they’re straight pretzels, not the knotty/twisted ones.  Helicopter is more like ‘heppacoppater’ and ‘cute cart!’ is the kid-sized shopping carts at the store.  Everything little is “cute” to him. 

Went to the grocery store.  Forgot the darn Tabasco sauce for something I’m making for dinner.  I’m an idiot.  We’ll be heading back out later today, so it’s not as bad as it could be.

First load of laundry of the season is out on the clothesline.  Is it weird I kinda want a hand-crank or non-electric washing machine for rush cleaning jobs or for if/when the power (and water because our water district doesn’t have an alternate generator that I know about) goes out?  Anyway, diapers are out sunning, and the sad towels and shower curtains will join them shortly.  Need to get new clothesline string…  Btw, never buy the ‘bargain’ string at the dollar store.  You’ll regret it when it starts disintegrating all over your clothes – it’s not pretty.  Think I have any experience with this? 

I got my seed order today!  And I think I’m totally going to love my little umbrella greenhouse.  You know how many seedlings I’ll be able to stick under it?  An empty plastic milk gallon looks tiny underneath it!  Yay!

Now I get to tweak my spreadsheet of plantings and such so I have a clue what I’m doing.  I’m so excited!

I wish I had the camera right about now.  I’m totally in love with my local sandwich shop’s root cellar.  The 3.5yo thinks it’s a tiny, *cute* house just for *him*.  Hee.  No honey, it’s a house just for mommy. 

I’ve got George the Pella guy coming out tomorrow to do some estimates, and I’ve got a few root cellar ideas floating around in my head (um, yeah, one of them involves a big ass window).  I would be doing backflips off the walls if I could get a good root cellar and garden going… only going to the store every once in a while rather than one to three times a week would be nice.

Oh yeah, the windows.  Need to replace every window in the whole stupid house, but the ones in the guest room and kids’ room are the current priority.  The seals are shot, and you can actually feel a breeze coming in around the edges of the window.  Plus everything is aluminum (or whatever) casings.  Which are horrible.  Vinyl’s even worse, so luckily we don’t have those.  Wood casements all the way, baby…  The Pella receptionist was all excited that she didn’t have to talk me into buying their product, which was cute.  The windows my parents have in their house are crank wood-casement Pellas, and I swear they look exactly the same as they did 15+ years ago.  Well, except for where my sister put a few holes in the screen, but still

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  1. Yay!  Did the purple carrots come?  You know I’m waiting for those puppies to grow.
    Did you ever think a root cellar would get you off?    How far we’ve come.  I’d love to have one.

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