I still have gardening ADD.  Reading even more books.  The lasagna one makes just as much sense as square-foot, but it’s not as gung-ho as Mel. 

Laura, read this one too.  Between them you’ll probably figure out something that works for you and the kiddos.

Ordered all my seeds and few other things (oh, say, like the umbrella) last night.  Wanna know what my impulse purchase was? 

That’s right.  Purple carrots.  Because who doesn’t need a purple carrot?  I am in no way endorsing UW, I just thought it would be fun to try and see if it actually works for us.

Then the kiddos and I walked up to a local nursery and I chatted with the gal that works there until the kids started fussing about the sun in their eyes.  It was/is around 50 degrees today, not a cloud in the sky, barely a breeze, and just gorgeous.  If only there wasn’t still snow on the ground I’d be ready to go out back and do some digging (but with frozen soil I doubt I’d do anything but get pissed off).

Now they’re both mad at me.  Because they both fell asleep in the trailer on the way home, and I had the audacity to try and get them out of the trailer and up to their rooms to continue their naps.  Hah.  Joke’s on me.

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  1. I read thru that webste and i thought it had fabulous ideas! I wil keep them tucked awya for when I have more land available to garden with! for now i think I’m going the squarefoot way. or atleats some variation. I believe I’m only going to do herbs and maybe some peppers and tomatoes and i’m joining a CSA.

  2. We did purple carrots last year and purple (burgundy) beans the year before. I think it started a purple veggie trend because the kids are on the look out for a new purple veggie to try. But it was a blast because I mixed them in with the regular carrots so the kids didn’t know what they were going to pull up. Would it be orange? Would it be purple? You just didn’t know. Ohhhhh the excitement!

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