“Hello, my name is Lanna.  I have gardening ADD.”

(all together now) “Hi Lanna.”

“I keep making plans for my garden, then finding neater ways to do it, and then try to figure that out.  I keep checking out books from the library, and learning different ways to do things, and get sucked in again.  Which means I have to redo my plans and drawings and estimates on what I need from the hardware store before I have my husband construct stuff for the backyard.”

Btw, Laura, you have got to check out this book from your library.  Here’s the guy’s website, which has some info as well.  Trust me. 

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  1. LOL! I have a different problem…I start my garden well, full of enthusiasm and big plans. All goes along well, until the first rush of new tomatoes and cukes is over…then it gets hot out. I stop weeding, though I intend to go out and get caught up. Then we are onto to full-on neglect. I have become distracted by something else and the garden is languishing…still producing, but full of weeds and untended. Good luck getting your garden started…maybe you should have a couple of gardens, so you can try different methods in each garden. 🙂 P.S. I love Square Foot gardening! But we also have a strip garden on the side we just started last year.

  2. haha you’re a goof! and here i am with no idea *where* to start!re: the book… I have seen that book and i checked out the site a bit last year (or maybe another site like it) and i kloved the idea! my only concern it increases the amount of dirt and materials you need a great deal! I would have to amke a tonn fo boxes… and this grass in our yard have been checmicallytreated (ugh!!!) so I have to do a raised box with lots of new dirt. SO expensive! but I do know a guy who might knew how to help us. he’s kick ass at this stuff.. a family friend that works doing tasks like these… I will ask him about it. thanks for the idea!

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