This is the biggest Costco haul I’ve done in years.  Sure, we get one or five things here or there, but not a full cart.  Our total wasn’t too bad though because I had like 7 coupons for things I’d had on my list for a while (things that weren’t immediate – yet).  And I’ve got enough toothbrushes, ziplocs and diced tomatoes for the next 8+ months.

At least we look semi-healthy with it all I suppose.

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  1. well I guess I’m glad I’m not the only one with a weakness for soda. (ugh it’s so gross and agianst everythig I am for… but it tastes so damn good!)

  2. Actually it’s dh who has the weakness for Coke. I can only do Sierra Mist or 7-Up every once in a while. Kicked the Mountain Dew/Diet Coke habit a few years ago. So now I get a hangover if I do drink something like that (which means now I avoid it!).

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