I made bread again.  Tried cracked wheat.  Eh.

So cute.

You know, there are some days that I wish we had an SUV.  Not a giant Suburban or anything, just a Toyota Highlander or Rav4.  Or maybe something else, depending on how much cargo room it has.  Too bad Subaru hasn’t come out with anything besides the Tribeca (for $35K you get a car that gets about the same mileage if not worse than our Impreza, which cost a fraction of that).  Anyway, found the slide at the consignment thing.  Had been on the lookout for a slide for the boys, and this sucker’s sturdy.

(These had kids in them earlier, took the photo after getting the fussbudgets out.)


5 thoughts on “

  1. The bread certainly looks tasty…
    BTW – I am terrible about thank you’s, and it’s been looming over me for weeks now. Thank you so much for sharing your budgeting system with me. I think this might be exactly what I’m looking for!

  2. That is one stuffed car!  We have one SUV and it’s come in handy.  Especially when people visit and we don’t have to take two cars everywhere. 
    I just made some wheat/rye bread last night. Mmmmmmm.  
    Very cute boys, especially the little one.    I love that you are a pjs house, just like us.  The kids are in pjs all day if we’re not going anywhere.  I would be except I *need* a bra by about 10am. 

  3. Hi from Texas. I laughed when I saw the photos of your car. Maybe it’s women who are the real hunter-gatherers. We used to cram our Corolla to the gills, but there does come a time when you definitely want something bigger. I have been amazed, though at some of the folks in our neighborhood who would buy a giant SUV as soon as they have a baby.I see from your description that you all are considering homeschooling. We’ve been doing that for 15 years now. It’s a lot of work but can be a good way to go for those who have the commitment. You look like you’re pretty organized, which really helps make it go a lot smoother.Gordon

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