Stabbing wasn’t fatal.  Three stupid guys, one with a knife.  Although for some reason it makes me feel better that it was a stabbing than a shooting.  That, and the fact that the entire police department showed up because of the lack of much else happening around town.

I’ll be lurking around…
Need to tag a bunch of stuff for a big consignment sale this weekend (have to drop off stuff on Thursday and I’m still washing things!).  I’m starting to feel sad about selling the bassinett and infant carseat.  Not 100% sure whether I’m grieving that we’re not having anymore or hoping we’ll have a suprise #3.  Honestly, it could go either way.
And sell a bunch of medium Swaddlebees that the little one’s showing crack in.
And finalize and place my seed order to get that done and out of the way.  Still debating greenhouse-type options.
Also prepping a few meals and possibly cookie dough for one of dh’s coworkers families.  They just had a little girl last week.  A 5 pound something ounce girl.  Gah, my kids hit 5 pounds around 34 weeks I bet, and hang out the entire 42 weeks and 3 days.  Whatever, I don’t have to worry about dropping such a tiny little one anymore.


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