Finally got a bug up my ass to do our taxes.  Had been waiting for dh to do it, but he was dragging his feet.  And since I know where everything filing-ish goes, it’s probably better that I started it.  Because while we’d gotten the younger one’s social security card months ago, well, it wasn’t in the fireproof safe.  It was in my 8-inch tall to-be-filed stack.  Not to mention the property tax forms, which are yellow, that dh would have no clue about.  Even started next year’s tax folder as we’ve already donated some stuff.

I’m serious when I say I’m a piler. 

Anyway, we’re getting a nice chunk of refund.  Which neither of us was expecting.  Last year we only got $72 back from federal, and ended up owing to the state.  Usually we’re really good at not letting the federal gov’t get a free loan from us.
So while dh is mad about that, I’m actually quite gleeful (is that a word?).  If we’d had that money earlier in the year we probably would’ve frittered it away somehow.  Now that we’re budgeting with the best of ’em and Dave Ramsey crazies, this means our last credit card balance will be gone!  GONE!!!!!  Yay!!!  Which also means the car will officially be ours sometime this summer (August maybe? need to go redo budgets and recalculate…)  You know how excited I am about all this?

And the kicker?  Dh will get to buy the chainsaw he’s been lusting after for a few months.  Cash (well, technically – he’s using the cc to buy it online, but we’ve got the money for it to pay it off almost instantaneously).  Oh, I’m having fun in the clouds today… 


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  1. what is it with men and chainsaws? J wants one so bad but i refuse because he is so uncoordinated and clumsy that i can’t see it end very well. especially since he wants it to “trim” our tree. our tree is taller than our 3 story house so it would involve him on a ladder with the chainsaw. not a good idea…

  2. I’m totally procrastinating on taxes this year. Normally I do them immediately but w/the biz, buying/selling a house and stuff, ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.

  3. Awesome you get money! I’m praying we do (I honestly don’t kow what to expect as this is our first year as business owners and osme of the yeat he worked for other people…

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