Puffed brown rice?
Any ideas where I can find some besides online?  Does Fred Meyer carry it?  I don’t have a whole lot of options here.

Drip irrigation.  Still trying to figure it out.  I’ve just never seen anything like it in person (unless you count Grandma & Grandpa’s worn-out-holey hose), so I can’t picture it.

Discovered I want a few more gardening books.  It’s bad when I start bookmarking every other page in a library book to come back to and read again or whatever.  We’ll see.  Might get around this in my own odd style.

The 3yo keeps telling me about pickles.  Because I told him we were going to try making our own pickles this year.  Emphasis on “try.”

Saw 8 people biking today.  Made me desperate to get to the bike shop and get another helmet for the kiddos.  Too bad the bike shop was closed.  I also need to order a cargo rack.

And harass the local garden shops for advice/help/lightening our checking account. 


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  1. PBR I found at our Safeway’s “Natural food section”. I haven’t really looked at Fred Meyers but they probably would have it. In the cereal section, in bags, small bags, looking very sad and forgotten.
    My kids don’t like to eat it on its own, but they like to use it as a add in with other cereals.

  2. Yeah, I figured puffed brown rice is probably better for us than Rice Krispies, and I wanted something light and crunchy to put in my next batch of granola bars. 😉

  3. We made pickles this past summer, open crock ones, it was really easy but they can only be stored in the fridge for a couple of months.  I want to try my hand at canning pickles this year too!  If you want the open crock instructions let me know!

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