You know how some people idolize Martha Stewart?  Kerflop is my Martha Stewart.  She’s all kinds of wacky fun.    And here is my very first crafty project done on my recently located desk.

Fabulous idea from an entry of hers. 

My filing setup (which has been totally working for over a week now! no piles!) is rather pretty now.

It’s currently housed underneath the phone and holding a few cookbooks up under said phone, but it totally works for me right now.

The 3yo adores these.  Makes a total mess, but I’ve got washcloths.

Found these in my mailbox today after coming home from a playdate.  Was thinking ‘huh, I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon (it was in a reused Amazon box), just Old Navy.  Wonder what on earth it is.’

Apparently a friend of dh’s from college who visited us this summer told dh he was going to buy this for us for Christmas.  He’s a nice guy.    So, I get what the chopsticks are for.  I assume those little bowls are for dipping sauce of some sort.  But what on earth are those fish-looking things on the right?

Lastly, guess what I’ve been doing?

Yup, planning my little heart out.
Box of leftover seeds from last year.  Gardens measured and sketched out on graph paper.  Crops filled in on said paper.  List of seeds I’m going to plant.  Gardening catalog.  Pencil.  Eraser.  Calculator.  Giant spreadsheet telling me what I need to plant and when.  And when to look at harvesting said item.  It’s a homemade spreadsheet, with each column being a week and each row being a different crop.  Because they all have different germination periods, some need to be started indoors, and they all have different harvest times.  And I’m not smart enough or to the point where I’m going to remember all that yet.  Crap.  Need to add in the apple trees, apricot tree, raspberry bushes, blueberry bushes, strawberries and grapes.  I was only looking at my vegetable/herb lists.  Crap.


5 thoughts on “

  1. 1. Drip Irr. ~ I’m designing some for my raised bed this year. I’ll be happy to share plans with you.
    2. I’m jealous of your no piles.
    3. The fish are chopstick rests. It’s impolite to just stick your chopsticks in your rice when you’re not using them. (Damn it I’m craving sushi now. Crap. I only eat at one place in Seattle.) That’s a beautiful set your hubby’s friend got you. Use it often!!!! Even if you make mock-sushi from rice crispy treats. The recipe is on Family Fun. My kids LOVE it.
    4. I still have a couple months to plan my garden. It doesn’t matter if I start in doors or from seed. I can’t plant shit till April and even then it’s a risk. I usually get excited and end up planting a sacrificial crop to the freak frost gods.
    If you ever want to catch me online via im or something. my email is rockingthistle at gmail dot com

  2. Yup, chopstick rests.  If I weren’t sick I’d want some sushi, too.
    Your filing system is officially cute!
    Good luck organizing the garden.  I can’t wait to see the results this summer and fall!

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