My armpits are really fragrant after eating asparagus.  The things you learn… 

As for anything exciting or useful, eh.

I took a picture of the first crafty-type thing I did on my desk downstairs, but am too lazy to upload it yet.

I planned out our garden.  Not sure whether we’re going to do onions or leeks though.  Might not have room.  We’ll see.  Want to order my supplies and seeds soon because I believe I need to do indoor starts in a few weeks (crap, already?).

Made chocolate pudding popsicles (the 3yo stirred it up) with strawberry chunks.  The 3yo is *very* excited about these.  Too bad they’re still freezing solid. 

Plan to make strawberry shortcake tonight.  Yum.

The 3yo has started outgrowing his 3T stuff.  Again, crap.  I have some 4T stuff on hand, but had been thinking I had more time with the 3T.  Oops.  His pants are starting to look like mini high waters and his shirts are climbing up his arms.  You know, if I didn’t feed and water him so much he might not grow so much… 

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  1. I have 4 and 5 boys stuff… did you want it? just today I was thinking I wish I knew someone to send it to. I don’t know how much or what’s what… but if you want it, it’s yours. (I”m slow to the P.O. though hehe)

  2. btw are you getting rid of any size large diapers for any reason? I need some desperatly. Eva has outgrown her large fbs so I was hoping maybe the very babies (don’t you use those?) would be a better fit.. she’s not big just very tall.

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