Seems we have diapers.  Lots of diapers.

Mom went to her first ever librarian convention.  She’s been working in libraries for the better part of 38 years.  She got a bunch of freebies for us.  A bit ahead of the 3yo, but come on, they’re free! 

New organizer thingie for my desk.  Makes my pile of crap look much prettier and more organized.
See the nice, flat surface with nothing on it?  My desk!  Dh cleared out that corner for me. 
That flat little box on said desk has a shelf in it that will go on the wall there – for library books or something else I need to keep out of kid reach.

Turns out my mom has a Bosch.  That’s probably older than me.  She can’t remember.  It’s a baby Bosch, but still.

It made these yummy loaves of bread.  And didn’t explode, either. 

See dh’s domain?  Yeah.  Is it any wonder I wanted my own (albeit tiny) space somewhere?

In case you’re curious, those bars above the desks are a weird pass-through to the dining room half a level up.  They could have walled it in (we pretty much do use it as a wall as you can see with the stuff piled against it), but decided a railing was better.  Whatever.  It’s easier to yell at dh through it.


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