I don’t like being sick.
I’m to the point where I’m now coughing up phlegm nuggets and my throat feels raw and bloody (it’s not, but feels like it).
No voice, either.
So parenting – if you can call it that – has been slightly challenging with grunts and pointing and snapping at them, with the occasional whisper thrown in for clarification.

But in exciting news, I think the little guy has been signing for ‘milk’ on and off today and yesterday.  You know how cool that is?  And so darn cute because his little hands are so small. 


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  1. oh poor Lanna! that sucks…. take lots of Vit C. for me 1000 strength (or whatever it’s called as I’m too tired ot remember but it has “1000” on it!) every six hours for the netx several days when I notice a sore throat. it really helps me to kick it faster. btw do you plan on updating on vox? or just using it to comment?

  2. Mmmm, phlegm nuggets, yum!
    So sorry you’re sick, mama. You never really get to “be sick” when you’re a mom, either. You’re still “on”. (((hugs)))
    So cute about signing!

  3. Feel better soon! 
    I was so excited when Boo finally figured out how to sign for milk (nursies)!  Yay for the little guy!

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