Dh thinks the little one’s going to be walking in about a month or so…

Lately he’ll be standing up hanging on to something, then he’ll let go, and kinda stand/wobble there for a few seconds before slowly sliding to his butt.  Dh says it was about a month after the bigger one started doing that before he started walking.  If that sentence made any sense…

Today I managed to tidy up the guest room, although it’s still a bit cluttered because a) I have a ton of sheets to wash on the bed, b) there’s a bunch of weird random stuff in there that I haven’t had a chance to go through yet, and c) the closet is also home to all my shipping envelopes and packages since we’re not done cd’ing yet.

I did however manage to pull aside all my maternity stuff for the sale coming up in a few weeks, found the floor of my own closet, folded a bunch of kid blankets, did dishes, vacuumed the guest room, blah blah blah.  I have no earthy idea why I’m on a cleaning/decluttering kick, but that’s fine.  Just trying to get as much out of this kick as I can. 

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