A gal stopped me on my way into the library tonight.  She was asking me about my mei tai.    She’d been looking at them, and hadn’t seen anybody in our area using one.  We talked for a minute in the dark and slush, me with the one on my chest and big one on my hand, her with one on her hand (around 2yo).  I should’ve gotten her number.  She seemed so nice, and seemed so interested in the mei tai.  And the thought crossed my mind, but how creepy would that be?  Hey, I just met you 2 minutes ago, can I have your number?  I should’ve asked, Lord knows I need more friends.  I’m hoping maybe I’ll run into her again sometime.  So don’t mind me, I might start stalking the library with a kid in the mei tai.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Moving on, this part of the post is brought to you by the letter S and number 8.  And a whole lot of bitchiness.

Damn SUV’s and giant trucks.  Next time I’m going to follow them and make them come home with me and put my kiddo to sleep after their mis-aimed headlights wake him up.  Jackasses.

Thank you to the blue Ford Explorer on Friday who tried to take out my car.  That was fun.
(He turned on his blinker and started turning right in a 1-2 second time span. Then slammed on his brakes, staying in the lane of traffic, rather than continuing into the parking lot.  There was easily 2 inches of packed, icy snow on the ground.  And I was at least 8 car lengths behind.  Asshat.)

Oh, and Mr. Monster Truck who’s tires are half as tall as my Subaru?  We know you have a small penis.  We laugh every time we pass a truck like yours.  There’s no need to ride my ass when the weather’s this nasty out.  I know you can see my kids in their carseats from way up there.  Stop f’ing tailgating!  Oh, and don’t even think about saying you do off-roading.  No self-respecting off-roader would use a Ford (as far as I know).

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  1. Grrr!! I hate almost getting trampled by huge (and unnecessary!) SUVs like Hummers and stuff.
    I *completely* kwym about the whole ‘getting her number’ thing. It’s like, will she think I’m picking her up? LOL! The thing is, is that she is probably wishing that she had gotten your number too and thinking the same things. Do go back to the library! It would be neat if she were there too.
    RYC: The alternate ending was painfully terrible. I wanted to ask for our money back too, but it was already 2 days late since dh had worked super late the nights that I had rented it. Boo!! I will never recommend that movie to anyone!

  2. I hate those trucks, too.
    I hope you can find your mei-tai buddy.  Maybe she’ll be stalking the library, too. 

  3. I hate tailgaters!  I usually tell Leo to look at them like he’s scared. they usually back off.  I made a little sign for the times he’s riding in the very back rear facing seats, it says….Not So Close Please, You’re Scaring Us. 
    Hopefully you’ll see her at the library again!

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