My cuties. 

The older one?  Put this entire track layout together.

New summer hat for him.  Bought it for $1.50.  At the same place I got
an 18mo coat with attached mittens that go into pockets on the arms for

He goes outside to play.  Daily.  And goes through 2 sets of mittens.  Also learned to eat snow.

This is how I did dishes and the turkey brine today.  Gave each a spoon and a bowl.  Fun and giggles ensued.

Guess who had a birthday yesterday?  It was my first ever layer cake.  It’s a start.
And the bowl?  We multi-task.  It’s the big outer bowl from our salad spinner.

We’re having turkey tomorrow.  Psst – see my horrible kitchen linoleum?  It’s *that* bad.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Chainsaw – you can totally have our linoleum. The clear sealing-layer-thingie that’s usually on top of linoleum is long gone. Like 10 years ago. So everything sticks to it, and if I’d taken this photo from the side, you wouldn’t be able to see the 5gal orange bucket because it would blend it. Seriously.

  2. What a great job ds1 did with the track! 
    Happy Belated Birthday (assuming you’re 32)!!  Mmmmmm, cake.
    I have given up on trying to stop the kids from eating snow and instead focus on getting them to be more discriminating and only eat the fresh, clean snow.
    I need a brining bucket.  It sounds so yummy.

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