Did you know Olive Garden doesn’t have their Chocolate Lasagna anymore?  Argh!

I went a little nuts today.  There’s a bunch of stuff I need to put in the freezer tomorrow when I pull out a turkey.
Like…  6 meals of Italian Turkey Meatloaf… 3 meals of Italian Pork Loaves… 15 servings of Garlic Mashed Potatoes… 5 meals of Make Ahead Meatballs…  3 meals of Three-Animal Meatballs, 4 meals of Yummy Turkey Loaf… 2 meals of Yummy Turkey Burgers… 2 meals of Yummy Turkey Meatballs… and 7.5 quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce.  That’s a lot of food.  Not to mention the Split Pea Soup and chili alredy in there, and the sloppy joe stuff I didn’t have a chance to make yet.  And I ran out of room in the fridge and freezer (and haven’t had time to rearrange it yet), so the spaghetti sauce is hanging out in the garage tonight.  That was my day.  Slightly boring unless you’re a Food Network geek like we tend to be in this house. 

ETA: And the reason for the squeal heard throughout our county…  I’m so excited to try it out in the next week or two… 

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  1. Wow!  I’m impressed!  My dream home has a chest freezer.
    I’ve never had the chocolate lasagna.  There isn’t an Olive Garden within 100 miles of us.  It sounds yummy though.  Please post pics when you make it.

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