Apparently I truely do belong in the inland northwest.


Today.  I bundled up the kids so we could go to Tri-State.  Got myself these for a whopping $2.98.  Yes, less thand three dollars.  Yes, I did have a gift card from dh’s company party a month ago, and yes, the boots were on sale.  I’m good like that.

We get home, and I’d promised the older one that we’d go for a walk.  Then everybody gets new diapers, nursed, sippies, etc.  Get the kids strapped in to the stroller, and off we go.  What makes this a little more interesting is the weather.

So there I was, in my coat, new boots, complete with frou-frou hat and warm gloves.
The kids all bundled up and strapped in to the stroller with hats on and a warm blanket on top of their bodies.
With 5+ inches of snow on the ground and a windchill of about, oh, let’s say around 15 degrees.
I think it was 23 degrees out, but there was a nice “breeze” once we got out of our tree-lined street and on the main drag.  My eyes started watering from the bright sunlight at times, and I swear my eyeballs froze just a little bit.

But really, if you’re looking for a true all-terrain stroller, the Cougar 2 kicks ass.  It didn’t particularly like the 7-inch snow-drifts I went in to so cars wouldn’t veer away and slide off the road, but it handled surprisingly well (well, to me).  Although I shouldn’t be that surprised because they do sell a cross-country-skiing conversion kit for the stroller/trailer

And now that both kiddos are down, I really should start dinner, even though dh is off in yet another state.  Again.  So he gets leftovers on Saturday. 

ETA: I only burnt the pads of my index finger and thumb – I was trying to pluck the meat thermometer from the meatloaf.  Then I realized it was hot and threw it on the floor.  Yeah, I know, great reflexes with kids around.  Luckily I think they were in the living room with at the time.  So I have these diagonal peeling stripes on my fingers.  Eh, at least if I get arrested the fingerprints will be a fun story to tell. 


3 thoughts on “

  1. I’m glad your fingers aren’t that bad.
    I love our jogging stroller.  It probably has more miles on it than the car. 

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