Today I’ve been a little whirlwind of decluttering.

I haven’t done dishes yet, but I have…
* boxed up all the romance novels my mom’s given me lately and put them in one central location (I read them at the gym, nice and mindless)
* pulled out all the scrapbook stuff from the guest room and put in a box to go down to my eventual desk in the den or in the basement
* put a bag together of (40) books to donate to library
* started a box of stuff for Goodwill (I’ll drop off next week after I get more stuff together)
* threw out a bunch of garbage
* sorted kid clothes – 0-9ish month stuff all in one tub (I’m not ready to sell them yet, especially if we have an oops), pulled the 24mo-2T stuff out of the older one’s dresser and put them in the younger one’s dresser
* culled out kiddo outfits I didn’t really like for the baby sale here in a month or two

Left on my agenda…
* wrap dh’s birthday present before I take the wrapping paper and Christmas decorations downstairs (all boxed up, just needs to be relocated)
* drop off book donation on way to gym
* prep some stuff with a bunch of the ground turkey I got yesterday (ummm, yeah, I only bought 17+ pounds of various beasts and then some random produce at the store last night) and get dinner ready
* pull out maternity clothes to sell at sale as well (then put with high chair and baby bucket to sell)

I might try putting the high chair and baby bucket on craigslist and see if they sell before the sale.  And all this cleaning/organizing?  Means my period’s about a week away.  I always go nuts right before.  Probably to make up for the lack of energy during.

In other random crap…

* I’m taking a class in two weeks.  On baking bread of some sort that I don’t know how to do.  I don’t have the catalog in front of me, but it sounds fun.  And kid-free.    My first ever “fun” class in many, many years.  Who knew learning (aka unschooling) could be fun?

* Budgeting rocks.  I’ve done up our budgets for Jan-Mar, so we have a handle on how the winter/spring’s gonna be (financially speaking).  We’re planning to visit dh’s grandpa before he dies (95yo), then probably visit my sister in June when she graduates.  Might spend a few extra days there for an Ikea visit and to go to the zoo or science center or something.  You know, we never really fumbled with our budget once we got going.  We were realistic and just kept going with stuff.  It actually takes a load off our minds because we know where every penny’s going before we even have it in our account.  And it seems like we have more money, even though we technically have more expenses (we added saving for life insurance, medical stuff, woodcutting stuff, vacation saving).  Kinda bizarre, but in a good way.

* Also planned out February’s menus.  So I could buy enough stuff yesterday, and gear up our freezer on the current budget to see if I can skate in February with buying just milk and some produce (Feb’s a *really* lean month for us – if I can free up more grocery money we can throw that on the last remaining credit card and get rid of it quicker).

* After about May, we’ll only have a year left of payments on the car, dh’s student loans and the house.  Yippee!!!  Then I need to start hounding dh about closing a bunch of credit accounts.  No one person needs $60K of available credit.  Ever.  And they keep upping the limits because we keep paying them off to zero and not using them again.  It’s actually pretty annoying.


5 thoughts on “

  1. That class sounds great! 
    I hope you can get through next month on the cheap.  It’s disgusting how cc companies just keep throwing higher credit limits at people.  Just one more way to lure people into debt.

  2. We have two credit cards – and they have limits on them that we can pay every month.  I am horrible with cash which is why we have the one for groceries and other needs.  CC companies are pretty sleazy when you think about it.  When we asked that they lower our limit they were all “are you *sure* you want to do that?  What if there is a disaster?  Blah blah blah” and then of course we are stuck on their telemarketer lists for more credit cards and programs.  Ugh. 

  3. where are you visiting in June? just curious if it was nearby here at all =)I’m very impressed with all your work today! I on the other hand had a shitty day… I’m glad you didn’t! somehow makes me feel better (is that weird or what!)

  4. lol we have you beat in smoke detectors!  We have 5.  Only because when we remodeled we had to catch up to the newer codes here in WA which says that you have to have them hooked into the electrical system and have one in each bedroom, hallway.  You would think that one would be put in the kitchen but no – they put a random one in the corner of the dining room.  Weird.  =)

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