I’ve joked about being cold-blooded for years. I got the hang of layers when I was young. But I didn’t think I was *that* odd.

Turns out, I am. Starting taking my temp last week with TCOYF charting (to *not* get preg, by the way). My temps aren’t even on her charts. My lowest was 95.8, highest so far has been 96.7. The chart only goes from 97 degrees to 99 degrees. Unless my thermometer sucks, so then that’s a whole ‘nother problem.

Got our life insurance stuff sent off today. Yay! While dh dying absolutely terrifies me, at least we’ve got peace of mind that if anything happens to either of us money won’t be the foremost problem for the other one or the kiddos.

Becky ~ Yes, I know I deserve to wear my sparklies. But. My ring has a high-set center stone in a sharp 6-prong setting. I’ve snagged it on myself, and ouch. I’m still changing diapers and snuggling kiddos with soft skin, and I don’t want to rip their skin to shreds. Not to mention my wedding set’s platinum, and to resize both rings (because they’re welded together) is $150+. We already paid $70 or $80 total to get them resized all those years ago (oh, and I thought we’d had them resized to a size 6 – apparently they’re a 5.5. – no wonder I haven’t been able to wear them! but that’s yet another tangent), and it costs more to upsize than downsize platinum. So my plan is to wait another year or two until I have my weight where I want it and it *stays* there for a while, then I’ll get them resized. But in the meantime I can still wear a non-ouchy wedding ring.

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  1. First, I would check your battery and possibly replace it.
    Second, consistent low temps are indicitive of a thyroid problem and if you continue to notice a pattern, I would have it checked out. I had very low basal temps, mine were also below the paper charts (if you use the software, it’s not an issue) and would have post-O temps barely above 97.
    Even if you don’t want to get pregnant, your thyroid has an effect on so much more of your overall health. You mentioned your weight – undiagnosed hypo might be contributing to some unwanted pounds.

  2. Well crap. I didn’t know about the low temps and thyroid. Because the thyroids in my family stop working around 30yo, and I thought I’ve still got a few years. I’ll be stuck taking medication every day for the rest of my life. Ugh. I’ll wait until the life insurance thing shakes out before finding out though – no need to up my premium…

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