Hit the Children’s Museum today.  It’s more of a big indoor playground than a museum, so it totally works.  I just wish I had one closer than 45-60 minutes away.  It’d be a great way to get the older one’s energy drained when we need that.  He loved the water table thingie.  And kept taking his shirt off, which prompted two other little boys to attempt the same. 

And would it be too weird of me to put something on our stroller/diaper bag/mei tai that says something to the effect of “We’re homeschoolers” or “We’re unschoolers” or something to start conversations with other hs’ing folks?  Or something totally bizarre like… Purple Monkeys Hiccup!

While I’m sorta doing the pantry challenge, I’m not doing a no-spend.  Currently, I have a coupon for a dozen eggs for $.08.  Yes, 8 cents.  And there’s ground chicken 24oz/$.98, ground pork $1.98/lb, ground beef $1.38/lb, and ground turkey 20oz/$1.98.  Not to mention cheap green peppers.  Which is why I need to do a menu redo and figure out where I can fit those meats in before I buy them (and before the sale ends on Tuesday).  But ground chicken?  What do you do with it?  Pork, beef and turkey I get.  But chicken?  Off to search for recipes…

A deity of some sort must have been watching over me tonight.  After our busy day where neither kid got to sleep more than 15-30 minutes max at a time, the little one finally went down around 9:15 (after screaming for 2+ hours whether I was in the room with him or not) and the big one went down around 10pm.  Hallelujah!

I sorted mine and the kids’ laundry into three loads (crap! 3 loads? used to be two, back when it was just mine the the big one’s), started that going, folded one load of diaper laundry, cleaned up the living room, cooked up 6 pounds of ground beef so it won’t go bad (and I bought it today, go me!).  Followed by dishes and sucking down water because I was feeling dehydrated.

On the agenda for tomorrow…

  • Thaw spinach for dinner – Creamy Spinach Tortellini
  • Make french toast for the big one for breakfast tomorrow – he gave me a break and went to sleep tonight, so yay.
  • Bake zucchini bread to munch on
  • Cook sausage and freeze
  • Freeze split pea soup
  • Make puppy chow to munch on as well
  • Fold all the clothes I’ve washed
  • Wash new shower curtains and put away
  • Redo budget – different withholdings this year
  • Redo menu planning (and need to make Feb-Mar *very* lean and streamlined)
  • Get life insurance stuff signed, dated, check made out and ready to mail on Saturday

Off to fold yet another load of diaper laundry.  And sleep.  Can’t forget that. 


5 thoughts on “

  1. We need a secret ribbon or something.  That museum sounds wonderful!
    I’ve found ground chicken to be on the dry side.  It works well in sauce or as taco meat.  Meatloaf and burgers just come out funny for me.

  2. Well, I’ve got awwsome recipes for ground turkey (sloppy joes, italian meatloaf, meatballs, tacos, apple-turkey burgers, etc.), but yeah, am at a loss with the chicken… I use ground sausage in our spaghetti sauce (and that’s one of those things that can’t/won’t change), so that’s taken care of…

  3. I was gonna say chicken burgers too. Betty Crocker’s (the red plaid) cookbook has a really yummy recipe for Southwest Chicken burgers. My only advice is to use flavored tortilla chips instead of plain. Good luck! Those are awesome deals…

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