As if the day couldn’t get any better, I got my birthday/anniversary present today!  I just ordered it on Monday and wasn’t expecting it for another week, week and a half.  And no way am I waiting until then (or even until dh comes home today or tomorrow) to open it.  Photos are kinda sucky because I have the old digital camera with the batteries that last 2-5 photos if you’re lucky.

Anyway, see?  A band that matches dh’s!  So, dh’s is on my middle finger, my new band on my ring finger, and my sparkly wedding set as far down as I can get it on that finger.  I haven’t been able to wear it for over 3.5 years.    So now we have matching bands, and my photography skills suck enough that you can’t see the stripey effect.  They’re titanium with a platinum inlay, which looks pretty groovy.

The kids have been better today.  Slept in until about 8:30-9:00, sorta cooperated with me for breakfast and lunch, and went down for naps relatively fuss-free (so whose kids *do* I have?).  I washed all the dishes, got dinner thawing, my 3yo even picked up and put away his trains (pretty much without me asking/nagging because I’d told him he needed to earlier) all by himself.

So, here we are at the children’s “museum.”
There was a little gated/fenced area for kids 3 and under.  This fancy doodad, a little tree/rabbit hole slide, a train table and lego table and a rack of books.

Tiki house to the right, open air market complete with tropical (plastic) fruits and veggies to the left, and some other stuff in the background that we never made it to.  Battery died before I could get a shot of the driving/pedestrian thing (plasma cars to ride on the ‘road’) and the  water thing that entranced the 3yo.  Too cool.  Oh, and in the bottom corner you can see the stroller I had literally packed with stuff.  I wander out of the house nice and prepared.

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  1. Yay!  You got something shiny, too! 
    The museum looks fun.  Boo loved those tables with the beads when she was #2’s age.

  2. Get your sparkly set re-sized, mama!!! You deserve to wear sparkly, too. :)I just dropped off my sparkly set to get it refurbished – the prongs holding the big stone were out of alignment, and the whole thing was just diiiirrrrty. I can’t wait to get it back all shiny and clean.

  3. Lanna, the ring looks great! I couldn’t wear mine any longer and it was really just a cheapo one I never liked much. (we were poor when we got married – big surprise!) so I finally just got a new one. I traded mine in. it cost way less than it would have to upsize my little cheapo one. now mine is much prettier! (still small).

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