Okay, so I’m doing a pantry/freezer challenge *and* a decluttering challenge this month via MDC.
Dh probably thinks I’m a little nuts, but he married me, so the joke’s on him. 
My declutter challenge is to get 6 boxes off to Goodwill and at least 2 boxes/bags of garbage out.  I don’t want to count every single item, I’d rather just get rid of it.

I think I’ve got a decent handle on the pantry/freezer thing, but I’ve got oodles of diced tomatoes and stewed tomatoes.  And honestly, we don’t go through them like gangbusters.  So I need to find a way to use them.  And the lentils.  And the (dried) kidney beans.  Tomato sauce I’ve got a purpose for (can we say a boatload of spaghetti sauce?), and I plan to do tacos at least once (top of photo – 4 boxes of taco shells).  Then I’ll go through and pull out some for the food bank and snare dh to go deliver them for me.

The mischief duo.

I wasn’t joking when I said I ordered a ton of photos a while ago.

And two of my boys.  They’re just so blasted cute.    I love catching the little guy’s dimples. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. Too cute!!! Love these photos of the guys—you sure do have a boatload of tomatoes.
    I want to do the challenges, but I always end up completely stressing myself out. I have to just not keep a tally. Even though it’s more fun to keep a tally, I still totally know that my kitchen cabinets and drawers only have things in them which I need, yk?
    Anyway. Oh! Where do you order pics from? I need to do that. For like, almost 5 years of pics.

  2. The decluttering challenges I have a handle on by now, but I need to rejoin the pantry challenge. I failed miserably a couple months ago. But I really need to do it this month. See you there!
    Nice stack of photos! That should keep you busy.

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