Abbreviated Year In Review!

Yoinked from Mama C-ta.  You post the first sentence from the first post of the month.  Ish. 

January – Never underestimate the power of a determined pregnant woman with a bug up her ass.
February – Great.  Starting tonight I get to sleep in the guest room on the uncomfortable bed.
March – I’m a nerd.
April – Why on earth did I think getting pregnant again was a good idea?
May – So, after some fun mucous on and off today, my water broke at 1:40am…
June – So.  How do I sanitize (so to speak) my Boppy that got poop on it?
July – It looks like going to the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market has become a ritual.
August – Well holy shit.
September – Why on earth do I have baby lust?
October – I think I may have figured out (at least part of) why our main living area is a mess.
November – My pumpkin and tiger.
December – No Thank You, We Don’t Believe in Socialization!

Well, I fudged a little bit for entertainment value, but not enough that anybody but me will care. 


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