I either got food poisoning or the flu.  I made alfredo noodles and broccoli last night for dinner, and I think the whipping cream may have been bad.  I’m not dripping snot, but tired as hell and every part of my body is sore and tired.  Even my fingernails.

I got one of the last presents we were still expecting today!

Got 4 Klean Kanteens for the kiddos (dude, you should see the 7.5mo with ’em, it’s hilarious how intent he is on getting something out of them!), 2 sleeves/protectors so we’ve got one for each kiddo, and for me I got a bunch of reusable grocery bags.  2 stringy bags, 2 big produce bags, 4 small produce bags.  I’m happy. 

Now I’m just waiting for the box of photos to arrive so I can get those sorted into various albums/picture frames and then wrapped up and we’re done!  I’m totally digging the whole shopping online thing.

Oh, and did I mention the little guy has been crawling up the stairs?  Yeah.

I finally got started on my sister’s scarf.  Have a ways to go, but I think I’m well on my way to getting close to finishing it before she gets here.  Need to call her tomorrow about the light show though… 


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  1. where did you get the stretchy produc bag thingies! what a wonderful idea seriously I’ve wondered why they don’t mke something like that.I want one!the scarf looks great!

  2. We have those same red sleeve/protectors.  We only use them when hiking. 
    I hope you feel better soon!  Food poisoning or the flu, it still bites.

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