So.  Today’s been interesting.  Apparently after no daddy around for 2 days, the third day’s the charm and they’re doing fine with just mommy.  Granted, both of them were snuggled up tight next to me last night (everyone finally went to sleep at 2am, the little guy nursed at 4am then 9am, then I got up for the day before either of them woke up).

Made sugar cookies.  No frosting.  Too much time and energy for something we’ll eat just as easily unfrosted.

Aren’t they cute?

And if you squint, you can sorta see the tuft of hair on the toddler that sticks up.  Remind you of a particular cartoon character?  In more than one way…    Oh, and the little one?  The sleeper’s a 12mo one and he’s almost bursting out of it.

Need to talk to dh about this.  He started using *my* fireplace gloves for his random stuff around the house (usually involving the garage or firewood).  See the pink rash and broken skin and all that good stuff?  Because my damn gloves are dirty and have crap stuck on the inside.  I wash my hands every single time, but dude, washing my hands doesn’t rip ’em to shreds.


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