Well holy crap.  Tonight dh found a box on the front porch.  With my new coat in it.  That was slightly fast.  Wow.  I tried that sucker on even though I was already in my pajamas. 

I did much better after dh came home (at only 1:30pm, I was only off a little on my guess).  He loaded the kids up and took off with them so I could attempt to nap.  I managed to sleep around 2-4pm or so, sucking down water when I could so I’d be able to pump for the little guy.  I felt a bit more human, even though I didn’t get lunch that way.

So we got all gussied up and went to the holiday party.  It was fun.  We were at the ‘kiddie table’ apparently.  All of us at that table were mid-30’s or younger (I’m by far the youngest one in that group of people as far as I know – although I wasn’t all that sure about this one secretary’s boyfriend, whatever).  Food was awesome.  So then came the cutthroat white-elephant gift thingie.  Which is always fun as dh works with a bunch of characters.   Dh ended up with a gift card to JCPenney, and I think we’re gonna get another comforter set to share with the guest room and to have another on hand because, duh, we have kids.  Which reminds me, anybody got a JCPEnney coupon code?  I’ve got a free shipping one, but that’s it.  I’ve got a $10 off coupon for instore purchases, but out JCP is so tiny that you can never find what you want (especially if you found it on the website).  Then I got a gift card to Tri-State.  I think I’m finally gonna get some new (snow/slush/puddle) boots to replace my 14-15yo ones.  If there’s any left over, then camping stuff.  Aren’t we glamorous in this house? 

Then the toddler did fine with just Grandma here at home, and didn’t really care that we were gone.  The crawler however…  was a pill until shortly before we came back home.  And now the toddler is so into Grandma that he talked her into cuddling/sleeping with him in his room (in the mattress on the floor).  I hope she’s doing okay in there – it’s been really quiet.  But I’m *so* not going in there to check.  I’m not going to wake the beast.

The day started off icky, ended up pretty decent.  Didn’t get any photos of dh and I all dressed up though.  Oops.  Eh, at least we’ve got our Christmas card photo. 

And our super-exciting agenda for tomorrow?  Donuts for breakfast and decorating the tree.  We’re really livin’ it up here.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Nice coat!
    I’m glad the party went well. I’m so glad dh’s company doesn’t do any kind of gift exchange.  I don’t need that kind of stress. 

  2. Oh, sorry, the company buys all the gift cards (we didn’t pay for a thing the whole night other than a few dollars for the valet), and then the cutthroat competition for the Lowe’s and Home Depot cards ensues. It’s funny.

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