Rundown of today…

Gave lobotomies to almost 2 dozen gingerbread men (and assorted stars, one lone tree and bells).

By the way – this recipe says to roll out the dough to 1/4-inch thickness.  Full of crap.  If you roll it out to 1/4″, you get my poofy gingerbread-man-meets-michelin-man.  Complete with hole in the head.  So if for some strange reason you do make these, do ’em closer to 1/8-inch.  It’ll look nicer.  Oh, and another fun (yet stupid) thing of the recipe – don’t turn your oven on 6-8 hours before you even roll out the dough – I swear I didn’t, but figured people out there have.  That’s what I get for not scouring Food Network for a recipe I suppose…

Quickly thawing cheese, my way.  (Technically this was yesterday, but it was still amusing.)

ETA:  Lava rock blows.  Don’t ever use it for anything.  Unless it’s pebbles out in your yard.  Just. Say. No.

The North Pole barfed on our dining table and kitchen.  It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, too.

And the toddler knows who Santa is.  How?  Dh and I haven’t talked with him about that.  He saw me wrapping a few presents a few days ago, and spent 5 minutes showing me all the Santas on one of the wrapping paper rolls.  And we don’t do the sit-on-Santa’s-lap thing, either.  $30 for a crappy photo and a Santa with a possibly questionable background?  No thanks.  (Our town used to be the center of the A r y a n Nations, plus our share of convicted-but-now-retired icky folks – even the small town has had it’s ugly side.)

And the holiday cards are half addressed.  If things go like I’m hoping, they should be out of the house in a few days.

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