300 photos for $36, shipped to my door.  Wow.  That’s a lot of photos.  That’s what I get for not printing any for 6 months I suppose.  But I’m also getting prints for family (I call ’em Christmas presents!), so that ups the ante a little bit.  Need to crop a few of them, then I’ll have a giant box of photos on it’s way to me. 

Keep a friend of mine in your thoughts.  Her family’s just had a string of bad luck…  Her dh’s son from a previous relationship OD’d, and they managed to bring him back from the dead – literally.  Apparently he saw a bright white light with a voice saying “Come with me” and he remembered saying “no!” and then being worked on in the hospital or ambulance or wherever.  Then their car’s transmission died (hopefully not – dh gave them some ideas of things to try before they take it in to a shop and fork over money).  So today they borrowed another friend’s car so they’d be able to get around town.  That car died in our driveway and they had to get it towed (which the toddler and I actually had fun watching – I’d never seen a flatbed towtruck in action before; we buy super reliable vehicles that dh can repair/maintain).  I’m a little afraid to see what might happen next, and they totally don’t deserve it right now. 

ETA: Geez, typos much?  Sorry about that, I think I fixed my weird words…


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