Yum.  Dh appeared with these last night.
The hilarious little sneer/giggle/scrunchy-face the little guy does.  Cracks me up almost every time.

Okay, here’s my proof that we’ve *got* to figure out a desk-something for me.
Here’s where a little area for me was supposed to be when we moved in.  Then dh got his woodstove in there instead.

Here are my current landing spots for my crap…

And that’s all in the dining room/kitchen.  Because our lives revolve around the kitchen, so that’s typically where we are.

That great green 70’s table is another landing space for stuff that I only need once a year or so.  Because our basement is very much not kid-friendly right now, as you can see by the accompanying photo.  The table, a matching green trash-can stool/chair and the green cabinet up by the wood stove are hand-me-downs from my parents.  Used to be my mom’s sewing set-up.  But I don’t sew.  I do hope to put crafty-type stuff in the cabinet so the kiddos and I (and dh if he’s home/interested) can do things like popsicle-stick barns or bridges and making ornaments, or mummifying a Barbie, etc.  And the photos I need to start putting away so I don’t feel so overwhelmed about them.


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  1. Haha, I have landing spots for my crap too, I am a piler by nature, and all attempts to change have failed.  So instead of trying to change my nature, I bought nice baskets to pile in, that are nice and tall so that they hold lots, and my only rule is that they can’t be overflowing.  I also declutter quite often, I have one place in my home that always has a garbage bag started to go to the thrift store, that way if something is unwanted or does not fit anymore, it goes straight into the bag and that way i don’t foget, or put it off, because i am also a procratonator, lol.  We take 1-2 bags to the thrift store a week!

  2. The thing is, I don’t even need an entire room (not to mention I’d never get one – unless you count the cold, dank root cellar I’m still plotting to build in the next few years). Just my own little space or desk to put my crap.

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