Okay, settle in with a beverage and make sure you’re in a comfy chair, this’ll be a long one. 
And everything’s okay, we’re just finishing up being sick (yes, all four of us) and eating leftovers and watching the snow, and I haven’t been feeling particularly witty lately.  So….

(In my head this is narrated by James Earl Jones.)
The day before Thanksgiving, Amazon.com said “Let there be macaroni and cheese!”

Yeah, we’re good for a little while on that front.

Our Thanksgiving was nice and low-key.  I put clothes on to go to Starbucks, then changed back into my jammies when I got home.  We had donuts (that I bought on the way to Starbucks – from our local donut shop).  Dinner was Broccoli Beef and brown rice.  It works.

The cuteness that I’m thankful for (even if neither will fully sleep through the night and they’re still both in diapers)…
(yes, the one on the left is fuzzy – dh left the camera out in the car and I wanted to get the little guy right then, so I didn’t really have time to let the camera thaw properly)  I don’t have any new ones of the toddler, sorry.  The one I did have of him playing in the snow was *really* blurry and out of focus and just didn’t look nice.

Friday we cleaned up the house.  Dh did most of the cleaning, I did some food prep.  Dh also got up *way* too early to hit a few of the local sales.  Got a present for SIL, a few things for around the house, etc.  Then I hit Michael’s with my 25% off coupon to get a few things.  Was hoping to find a photo album because I like getting things on sale with an additional discount, but, well, did you know Michael’s only carries scrapbooking stuff now?  No albums whatsoever, unless you count the journal-type ones where you have to paste/glue your photos in anyway.
I’m looking for more like this one I found at Hallmark a while ago – spots for the photos to slide in *and* a place to scribble notes and such about said photo.  While I love the look of scrapbooking and all, I’ve got to be realistic.

Moving on.  *Our* turkey day was Saturday.  Only people that were going to come were some friends of mine (a gal, her hubby and two kiddos) and an uncle.  Uncle didn’t come because of the snow and our germs, friends didn’t come because of *their* germs.  Another aunt and uncle were supposed to come on Sunday, but didn’t because of the roads and because of my uncle’s germs (I thought we’d be done being sick, so I didn’t mention our own germs to him beforehand – I would’ve called the night before if I’d actually thought they were even going to show up).  Anyway, we had the whole holiday to ourselves.  So much for trying to share it with other people.  But it was nice and low key (sorta – it’d be hard to attempt to nurse a wiggly one while mashing pototoes).
This was our spread, minus the gravy which was in progress at the time.

Then late Sunday night all the IL’s came over.  And yes, late being 9:30pm or something like that.  Which is fine because we’re all night owls, but they came from eating out somewhere fancy.  Yes, I’m passing judgement.  I get to hear the bitching, I can pass judgement and vent about it here.  So they come in and the toddler’s all excited to see people, especially Grandpa and Grandma.  A few minutes into their visit, I realize that someone’s perfume (probably SIL’s) is giving me a headache – well, making my cold headache worse is probably more accurate.  So I spent their whole visit up in our bedroom folding laundry with the crawler on my back in the mei tai (he freaked out – seriously freaked out – when I left the room so he had to come with me).  Good thing I don’t wear perfume I suppose.  I’m more of a deodorant (or just BO when I forget) kind of girl.

In a neat turn of events, because we were cleaning like we were going to have company, our main living area is the cleanest it’s been probably since we moved in.

We moved the microwave, are in the process of reorganizing that far left corner in the kitchen with spices and such.  Toddler got his train stuff taken away for chewing Percy.  That’s why the floor looks relatively bare still.

Then there was snow.  About 4-5 inches total by now.  Dh shoveled our driveway.  He rules.

(Pssst – how old does that white car look?  Just curious…)
Dh – don’t answer, I know you know how old it is. 

I think I’m going to attempt those gingerbread ornaments sometime in the next few weeks.  Need to make sure I’ve got everything on hand.  And I got a cute little gingerbread man cookie cutter at Michael’s while I was there during the craziness.  No, I didn’t already have one, I’d been digging through my hand-me-down stuff from Mom in the basement looking for one, so it was perfect timing.  I’ve got candy cane and tree and other random cookie cutters though.

Now I need to wrap the presents I’ve got and get everything labeled.  And order the stragglers here shortly.  So, does that fill you in on what we’ve been up to? 

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  1. I get my journal photobooks from exposuresonline.com.  Not cheap but they are very well made and hold 300 photos.  That lasts me awhile.
    I’m sorry about your IL’s, I hate perfume.  Yuck.
    Your house looks great!  Amazing what the threat of company will do.  Ours hasn’t looked that good in years. 

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