Still sick.

I’m about the same, maybe a teeny bit better.  Finally got a shower today though (didn’t happen yesterday).

Toddler’s still occasionally coughing (and finally hit 30-31 pounds according to the gym scale!).  Right now he’s prancing around in a diaper and eating a piece of bread.  Yes, the child likes eating plain bread.  Whatever.

Crawler is coughing more, and sounding a little wheezy, but not enough where I’m super worried.  Concerned, sure.  But freaking out and calling the doctor?  Not so much.  At least right now.  He’s also 19.5-20 pounds.  Geez.

Planning out the food I’m making for Saturday.  Tomorrow we’re just having (chocolate) waffles and whatever else I feel like making.  Tonight I’m making dh do Broccoli Beef because broccoli was on sale when I dragged the kiddos to the store today (plus we have leftover brown rice to use up, too).

I still miss sleep.


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