4 pairs of pants (two 4T, one 3T, one 18-24mo – $5/each at the store! and they’re easy to use and comfy for kiddos), slippers for the little one and the big one and a hat/mitten combo for the big one: $8.12 was my total.
Granted, I had a bunch of stuff to return to Old Navy, and need to return one of the pairs of pants (turns out I have the same color in 4T already waiting in the closet).

Also hit Walmart for more kiddo cold medicine and a few other things.  I have watery eyes, sniffles and occasional cough.  Toddler has a cough, occasional drippy nose, and crankiness.  Crawler has occasional cough and had a 24-hour fever a few days back.

Dropped off a trunkful of stuff at Goodwill.  Didn’t get to the PO as the line was at least 20 minutes long (and if you’ve been following the blog for a while, well, yeah, that’s just not a good idea for us).  Need to do that tomorrow.  Maybe we’ll hit Starbucks, too.

What else….  Since the toddler sorta behaved through most of those errands, we had lunch at Sonic.  I *love* their peach smoothie.  Yum.

I also attempted to go to the gym tonight.  First time the toddler’s been back in over a year.  Last year when I was pregnant with the little guy he kept throwing fits to where he’d fuss if I started to pull in to the gym’s parking lot (and forget unbuckling him!).  Tonight he came inside with me, and played with the toys and stuff in there just fine – as long as I was there.  I managed to do 10 minutes of cardio before the little one realized I wasn’t in the same room anymore and started fussing like the world was ending.  So we might go in tomorrow night (unofficially – I can only go to the gym Su-M-W-F) with me just hanging out with the boys in that kidcare room to see if we can get them used to it.  At least it was something.

Got three of my diapers today.  Eight left in the crazy mail system.

Finally managed to fill in some stuff in the little guy’s baby book.  About time.  He’s only 6.5mo.    Haven’t printed any photos pretty much since he was born.  Ooops.  In the next few weeks.

Eating leftovers for dinner tonight.

I’m tired.


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