The boys’ room.  It’s not really that big of a room.  But apparently you can squeeze in a crib, twin bed, double bed and 2 dressers.  The toddler picked out the sheets for the double.  He likes trees. 

Clean diapers.  After the Seattle trip.  Lots of diapers.

Yes, he’s sorta standing.  With a cute little smile.

Dinner the other night.  Basically tuna bruschetta.  Not bad.

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  1. Look at those cuties! Austin would have a ball at your house with your ds1 and all those tracks. (whoops referring to the pics below I finally saw!). I love the sheets, I know it sounds weird, but I want to crawl into that bed it looks so snuggly! How come the twin and the full are in there?
    Your little one is adorable. Look at that smile! I can’t believe that he is standing already.
    Yummy fluff and tuna melt/bruschetta.
    AND—welcome back. I have missed seeing you and your posts. Glad you had a good trip and what a score from Ikea!

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