We’re back.  In one piece.  Sorta.

* The Howard Johnson kinda sucked.  I think I saw a cop drop off a prostitute or domestic violence victim to spend the night there last night.
* Seattle traffic.  Need I say more?
* My dh is awesome.  He did all the driving because the traffic there makes my blood pressure spike.  I managed to not get us too lost when I was playing navigator.
* I don’t like rain.  They’re in a crazy monsoon-type thing right now.  Hope my aunt and uncle’s 100+ animals are okay because I only got their answering machine the other day (they have sheep, goats, chickens, etc. and live across a huge field next to a small river).  Saw a few houses and a backyard and greenhouse under about 2 feet of water though.
* Mattress inside the car on the way home.  Rolled up, but still.
* A 3yo and 6mo in the car.  For 5-8 hours.  I forget how long we were actually in the car.  We had to keep stopping to pee, change diapers (btw, the Burger King in Cle Elum with the big, fun kid playground? no changing table anywhere in the building!), let the kids out to stretch, blah blah blah.
* Ikea’s huge.  Fun, but huge.
* Got to see my sister.  She lives between the freeway (I-5) and a popular prostitution area/street/patrol.  Did you know you can get a $350 fine for loitering or picking up a hooker or something there?  Yeah, neither did I.  But anyway, it was great to see her again. 

Photos sometime soon.

Oh, and the little guy?  Starting to pull up on his own already.  He’ll sit on his haunches swaying while hanging on to something or will try to get up on his legs (so he looks like he’s doing baby yoga).  I have a feeling he’ll be walking before he hits 1yo.


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