I’ll share scribbles and photos on the possible root cellar and potential location as I get around to it.  Right now I’m in the middle of laundry hell and trying to get a few things ready for our trip.
We’re going to try to get out of here around 8am tomorrow.  *snort*
Usually the kids and I get up at 9am.  The early start is to hopefully avoid rush hour in Seattle.
And I still need to return a book to the library, send of a package at the PO, fill up the gas tank on the Subaru, and stop by the bank for food money.  Not to mention pack everything, taking as many clean diapers as possible, get lunch and snack stuff ready (I’m definitely not eating anything besides a milkshake from McD’s – finally saw Super Size Me – ick), etc.  Busy day.


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  1. I loved Super-Size Me!  Morgan’s fiance is a hoot.  I was craving McD’s fries and coke something awful by the end of it. 

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