Well, I *was* asleep.  Everybody in the house was in bed and in or on their way to snoozeland by 10:30pm.  Which is a feat in our house, especially because that included me.  Well, guess who woke up at 1am?  Promptly whining and waking me up, then waking up poor dh.  Because he wanted to cuddle.  Dude, if we had a big enough bed I wouldn’t mind so much, but I miss having dh in our bed because he ends up going into the guest room to cuddle with the toddler (because he can’t really lactate for the little guy).

Which reminds me, I’m thinking of just using annoyingly cute pseudonyms for everybody (because, yeah, ds1 and ds2 gets old), but can’t come up with any really cute ones that make sense so far.  Anybody want to help? 

Then what’s really keeping me up is the list of things I want to get done tomorrow.
* bake two batches of bread   done
* freeze spaghetti sauce   in progress
* email dh’s college friends  done
* email aunt and uncle  done
* make more Garlic Lime Chicken spices  done
* figure out dinner – and thaw it  done
* do dishes  done
* unearth the kitchen
* unearth the dining room  done
* change sheets on beds
* wash towels
* vacuum upstairs
* think about where on earth we’re going to fit a Christmas tree (hey, it’s already circling in my mind, I like having a plan)  might have this figured out…
* go to the gym  done
* pay and mail bills  in progress
* update calendar 
* plan meals for November 
* do November budget 


2 thoughts on “

  1. What a list! Goos thing you wrote it all doen. Hey, were you the one who asked if I can do anything besides running? I can walk briskly but other than that I have no workout tapes or gym membership or anything. I don’t have a bike and it is too hilly in my neighborhood anyway. Yes, I’m a wimp. So I may just do some walking on the treadmill. Alternately, I can also toss Abs in the hiking backpack and head out in the neighborhood or go to a trail. I just feel uneasy these days with all that’s going awry in the world being out with her alone in the woods, kwim?
    Hope you guys got back to sleep okay!!

  2. Sorry you got woken up, on such a promising night, even. 
    Yes, that’s me in the pics.  I usually the photographer so I don’t often get my picture taken. 

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